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Pariya Kali or Pare Kali a forgotten Sport in Kodagu

Pariya Kali or Pare Kali a forgotten traditional war game/ Sport in Kodagu

As told by my grandpa Mr.PANDIKANDA M MADAPPA. Retd Head Master ( born 1919) Pandikanda Okkathra Pattedara :

Pareya kali was traditional war game/sport which is forgotten in Kodagu by the the elders & also by Younger generation. A Sport which is usually plyed on the festive days like Kailpod & Puttari at the "Mand" or "Kol Mand" - a Place to get together normally a big banyan tree. Kupya, chale & Mandetuni is a must (Without pant) & two Canes ( "Thoora" in Kodava language ). The game with two canes ( Thoora); 1 to block and other to hit the other person but only the legs. The person who gets hit & runs is considered to be defeated by the other & this goes on until a Winner emerges in the "Mand" or that Village & he's a Hero until next festive season.

"Thoora" = Cane.
"Mand" or "Kol Mand" = Place of villagers gettogether
for festival; Normally Big Banian Tree, or a
Place which is concreated or stone laid so that
many can sit & enjoy.
"Kailpod" = kodagu festival ; Kail means weapon
or armory and Pold means festival. The day
signifies the completion of "nati" - meaning
the transplantation of the rice (paddy) crop.
"Puttari" = Puttari means “new rice” and is the rice
harvest festival (also called huttari in Kannada).

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