Thursday, 29 April 2010

"Kuttichatha Yuvati Mandali" , Kodagu Heggade Ummathat team, Kirgoor

Ummathat ‑ dance performed to appease goddess Cauvery. The other name of this dance is Mohini dance. Kodagu women folk wear the Kodagu national dress with jewellery, ribbon on the forehead and kum kum, holding the brass cymbals in their hands, in a swinging rhythm, dance in a circle. At the centre one women stands with a pot full of water. She represents water deity 'Kaveri'. Kodava people worship the 'Kaveri deity' as their community goddess. This dance form is very famous, especially the soothing music, the dance is very popular during kodava festival and during wedding.

"Kuttichatha Yuvati Mandali" , Kodagu Heggade Ummathat team, Kirgoor was formed almost since a year as of now, the team is peforming extremely well and are recognised almost everywhere. The team consists of 13 members with 2 singers

1. Participated in Go Yatra from Gonikoppa to Ponnampet organised by RSS in 2009 Dec
2. Part of Hampi Utsav in january 26 2010 - programme was broadcasted in telivision
3. Won 2nd prize at Kodava Sahithya Samskrithika Mela, cultural fest held at Ponnampet in March
19 2010
4. Participated in Tulu Sammelana on March 29 2010 at B C Road
5. Invited to Goa to perform for the Kodava Samaja at Goa

Dancers | Aatukara
Korakuttira Meena Sara Chengappa
Charimanda Vanitha Devaiah
Pokkalichanda Rani Poovaiah
Charimanda Bhagya Devaiah
Kakera Usha Nanaiah
Korokuttira Mala Bopaiah
Panikuttira Savitha Mudappa
Pokkalichanda Chondamma
Korakuttira Nitya Devaiah
Kalyapanda Savitha Bheemesh
Kakera Pushpa

Singers | Patukara
Pokkalichanda Vaani Vijay
Korakuttira Vincy Karumbiah


  1. Great stuff....had seen their performance till now. Good to know the details and acheivements of this fine team. All the best and let the performance continue.......

  2. Am So Proud of see u all......wish u all the best for next performance.

  3. Good info on Ummathat..

    Truly an amazing performance by the team on Apr 20th, 2010. Indeed a remarkable achievement by the team. All the very best for future performances.

  4. hi all done nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    in web site !!!!!!! iam neethu from kathikuthira !!!!!! take care !!!!!

  5. u dancers r truely great,keep up the good work.,and al very best for ahead.,...,

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  7. "Kuttichatha Yuvati Mandali featured in HAmpi utsav 2008