‘Take Kodava culture to its peak again’

Madikeri, Mar 19, DHNS:
''Kodavas are rich in folklores and the same has been accepted by the scholars. There is a need to take Kodava culture to its peak once again,'' said Karnataka Kodava Sahithya Academy former president Bachariyanda P Appanna.
Speaking after inaugurating Kodava Sahithya Samskrithika Mela organised by Karnataka Kodava Sahithya Academy and Ponnampet Kodava Samaja here on Friday, he said “Kodava literature, culture and folklores should be preserved for generations to come.

The Kodava language which has 2000 years of history. Unfortunately owing to beuracracy, the language has remained only as a spoken language.”

“There is a need to conduct research into Kodava culture, folkores and literature. Kodava culture is on the verge of disappearance in the recent years. From 1855, people started aping British. Between 1928 and 1935, Kodava language and culture began to change,” he added.

Kodava Sahithya Academy President Rani Machaiah, Registrar Vinodchandra and others were present. ‘Bolakat,’ ‘Kolata,’ ‘Kathiyata,’ ‘Ummathat,’ ‘Urtikott aat,’’Valagathat,’ ‘Siddiyat,’ Kappeyat,’ ‘Pareyakali’ and other cultural programmes were staged on the occasion.

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