Promote Kodagu on Kailpodhu Fest across the world

Resoltion- Promote Kodagu on Kailpodhu Fest across the world

To, The people/Lovers of Kodagu, Simple Know how of the Festival - Kailpodhu Kailpodhu is celebrated on the 3rd of September. Officially, the festival begins on the 18th day after the sun enters the Simha Raasi (the Western sign of Leo).
Kail means weapon or armory and Pold means festival. The day signifies the completion of "nati" - meaning the transplantation of the rice (paddy) crop. The festival signifies the day when men should prepare to guard their crop from wild boars and other animals, since during the preceding months, in which the family were engaged in the fields, all weapons were normally deposited in the "Kanni Kombare", or the prayer room. Hence on the day of Kailpoldu, the weapons are taken out of the Pooja room, cleaned and decorated with flowers. They are then kept in the "Nellakki Nadubade", the central hall of the house and the place of community worship. Each member of the family has a bath, after which they worship the weapons. Feasting and drinking follow. The eldest member of the family hands a gun to the senior member of the family, signifying the commencement of the festivities. The whole family assembles in the "Mand" (open ground), where physical contests and sports, including marksmanship, are conducted. In the past the hunting and cooking of wild game was part of the celebration, but today shooting skills are tested by firing at a coconut tied onto the branch of a tall tree. Traditional rural sports, like grabbing a coconut from the hands of a group of 8-10 people (thenge potho), throwing a stone the size of a cricket ball at a coconut from a distance of 10-15 paces (thenge odupo) a stone ball of 30-40cm lying at one's feet and throwing it backwards over the shoulders, etc., are now conducted in community groups called Kodava Samajas in towns and cities.
The Moment anyone thinks of a Coorg/kodagu the First Impression is Simply Boozers and Beautiful Gals and the Tradiational dress. On the event of Kailpodhu just give a simple thought about our place – Kodagu. What have we done apart from roaring on the forefathers property and the tradition. The new generation have changed the way they think or act. Where are the Moustaches or where are the Sarees and Kupyas gone?? All look at the metro life or Page 3 life on a weekend and also not to forget the love to fly abroad and study and work – Good run towards the growth . Ultimately if you turn back and take examples of anyone – one has to return to his Mannu- his own soil –Kodagu.

** Think Over *** Look at Coorg/kodagu as a place You can relate yourself and also look at promoting the place – an alternative to make sure we contribute something for Our Place- KODAGU.
1. A simple Long Ride or Drive to Coorg
2. Cool 2 days plan + Campfire
3. Supercool stay during the winter as good as Ooty/Ninital
4. Not to forget – Cauvery Visit – TalaKaveri, Kaveri Nisarghadhama, River Raftimg at Dubare 5. Orange county /Kadkani/ Mahindra resorts/Coog International
6. Simple Homestays And many more……….
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