Kodagu Heggade Youth Club {KHYC}

Kodagu Heggade Youth Club {KHYC}

It all started with the Orkut Familypals Cluster Community started by Katrathanda Santosh on 1st july 2006 and here we are kick starting the Kodagu Heggade Youth Club in 2009.
“Informal and effortless way to start a Youth club” - as described by one of the founder member.

Get-together at Maurya Hotel with 58 members at around 10:30 Am on a Ganesha fest on the 23rd August 2009 was in fact an auspicious day and a great day to be remembered by the Youths of Kodagu Heggade Community.

The programme began at around 11:30 as many were late after the Ganesha pooja return with a tea. At around 11:45 a formal beginning with loud shrilling applause for each other and was addressed by Achapanda Sathish, Kokera Anjali and Korkanda Chandru. Self introduction by everyone ensured that the youths know each other better to continue the programme. Korkanda Chandru briefed about the possible points what a youth club needs to be covering which included education, jobs, activity, matrimonial and so on.

Kongepanda Swetha, chosen as a special guest for the programme; addressed the gathering and shared few thoughts for the development of the youth.

To start the activity, the Youths were divided into 5 teams named asGrou Heggade Warrior Group, Heggade Bulls Group, Fire & Ice, Fabulous Four Group & Bluetooth and the fun activity began. The teams participated enthusiastically in the game called ‘Dumb Sheraz‘ and the team 1 emerged winner. One could see great actors with energy from the teams.Discussion on the Kodagu Heggade programme on the 20th September 09 for the General body and the life membership registration were briefed.

Tasty Food was served at 2:00pm with mouth watering Jamoon.

Pandikanda Dilan Uthaiah shared some info on the Heggade History - “Perugude” referred as Peggade and now Heggade and the benefit of 2A in the OBC category for Education and Job benefits. How the youths can be benefited with education and Employment by the well settled Youths.

After long discussion we had 3 different names for the association and the majority chose “Kodagu Heggade Youth Club” as the Youth Club name; cool name is’nt it? The Selection of name was coordinated by Katrathanda Hemanth and Korkanda Chandru.

Small round of Quiz was held and the questions mostly covered the Kodagu places, Nature, Food, plantation and Tradition – Quiz was conducted by Korkanda Divya & Charmanda Shruthy.

Accounts were settled before the programme could end which means transparency and also the youths decided to get together once in three months and a possible get together at a resort in November.

It was really a short time but everyone felt as though we had a more than a day and a hug before we could break up for the day was to be remembered.

~ 23rd September 2009, Maurya Hotel, Bangalore.

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