Wild Mushroom - Collared Earthstar found in Kodagu

I'm writing this article as I was keen in finding more information of this wild mushroom whole I was on a plantation walk with my kids. To my surprise it looked great and also started sending dimes when kicked on it. So I did capture a few pictures of the Mushroom and posted in  facebook. One of my friend sent the below link 

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This is the picture I took in my Arecanut estate.

Collared Earthstars are most often found under hardwood trees, but we have also found them in coniferous woodland, particularly with firs and spruces.

If you cut through a young fruitbody the interior is white, but it gradually turns into a dark brown powdery mass as the spores mature.

Spores are emitted from the apical hole as breezes blow across it, and much larger puffs of spores escape when raindrops hit and compress the spore-sac.

Feet on the ground - Vinay Maharishi

A magazine - MAGZ4MEDIA from Orrisa has written an article of our Kannadiga Vinay Maharishi from our own Bengaluru.

     A great human being, Great cricketer, who is crazy about super bikes, good dancer, focussed on his fitness and humble man. 

     He now hosts live video on instagram named vinz-rishi and has his YouTube channel - 'The Vinz Rishi Show '.

Below is the article " Feet on the ground " -

Homeopathy - a solution to fight Corona!

Corona virus or COVID-19, as of today there is no medicine available and social distancing is the only way to pause the spead of the virus. 

All the kinds of medicine have been tried, tested and also in the progress. Now the question arises why not Impliment Homeopathy medicine along with Alopathy medicine to boost immunity and cure Corona. For detailed information on the same please view the Informative video  of Dr. Sanjay N Phutane from Bengaluru. He is also the founder of 'Sanjays Homoeo Clinic'. 

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