Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Kakkada Padinettu on August 3 2011

The 'Kakkada Padinettu' across Kodagu on August 3 2011

After the month of Adre ಆದ್ರೆ ,season of Kakkada ಕಕ್ಕಧ begins & the 18th day of kakkada is really important for people across Kodagu.

Among the many rituals associated with the ancestral tradition in Kodagu, consuming ‘madd toppu', (madd is medicine and toppu is a leaf, leaf which has 18 kind of medicinal value) also called ‘aati soppu' in Kannada, assumes significance on the 18th day of the Kakkada month in Kodagu speakings calendar. Sellers of ‘aati soppu' dot the main streets of Kodagu a day prior to the celebrations. Prioviously the leaf was commonly found & now its almost extinct.

On the 18th day of the Kakkada month, these leaves are said to be replete with 18 varieties of herbal medicines. The leaves grown in the wild are plucked and soaked (some boil it) in water to squeeze the aromatic juice, which has a thick dark violet colour. Women make cakes & sweet paysam out of the mix. The belief is that the eighteen types of medicines contained in the plants would work like an elixir. Astonishingly, on the 18th day of Kakkada, the plants start emitting a sweet and unique aroma that is not found on the plants prior to the18th day.

‘Baimbale' (bamboo shoot) or ‘Kanile' is the other delicacy enjoyed by the people of Kodagu in rains. Consumption of both kanile and bamboo shoots are said to balance the body temperatures during heavy rainy and windy days. Not to forget the Kakkada koli (nati chicken) eaten more during the time with the naati time around across Kodagu people eat more than normal consumption" elders say


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